South West

Text by Johann Richter, photographs by Gerald Cubitt and others. Covers show edge wear, crease on lower corner of front board. DW has severe creasing and chipping top and bottom with fading and creasing to spine.

South West Africa Annual 1974

South West Africa Annual 1974

South West Africa Annual 1974

South West Africa Survey 1974

Published by the Department of Foreign Affairs, at the time when the future of SWA was under discussion, with independence from South Africa pending. Many colour photographs.

Price – $17 (ZAR-170)

Souvenir of Golden Gatooma Rhodesia, 1912 & 1955 Souvenir

Two souvenirs of Gatooma (Kadoma), both illustrated in b/w. Edges frayed, but generally good, some tide marks to 1955 souvenir. Both bound in paper wraps, 1912 copy with large crease to front wrap, frayed at edges and rear wrap lightly soiled.

Price – $120.00 (ZAR-1200.00)

Splintered Crucifix

Early Pioneers for Christendom on Madagascar and the Cape of Good Hope.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-280.00)

Stellenbosch 1679-1929

Text is clean and clear with numerous reproductions of linocuts and a section of black and white photographs. Text is in Afrikaans. Ink inscription to the ffep.

Price – $38.00 (ZAR-380.00)

Stellenbosch 1866-1966 Hundred Jaar Hoer Onderwys

Stoffsammlung zu einer Geschichte von Südwestafrika und Südafrika

An early collection of material, providing a brief history of South-West and South Africa. Text in German.

Price – $35 (ZAR-380)

Stories of the Early American Missionaries in South Africa

No date of publication, probably about 1934. Some pencil writing on back cover and half-title page. Small marks on covers and corners a little bent but overall a neat clean copy.

Studies in the History of Cape Town (three volumes)

A compilation of papers on the topic of local history, many of them inspired by developments in the field of urban history, drawing on oral history and a commitment to writing the history of the ‘inarticulate’ ordinary men and women.

Price – $90.00 (ZAR-950.00)

Studies in the Social and Economic History of the Witwatersrand 1886-1914. 2 volumes.

Price – $40.00 (ZAR-280.00)

Südwestafrika; wirtschaftlicher Ratgeber und allgemeine Anleitung, besonders für Auswanderungslustige

South West Africa; Economic advice and general guidance, especially for those who are emigrating. With multiple illustrations – lacking map to rear. Text in

Price – $45.00 (ZAR-500.00)

Suid-Afrikaanse Weermag Oorsig

A well illustrated overview of SA’s armed forces.

Sunrise on the Langeberge

“The immigrant who remained to love, serve and enjoy his adopted country” 197pp

Price – $20 (ZAR-180)

Taking Stock – Johannesburg Stock exchange – the first 100 years

“tells the story of the men who headed the institution during its long climb to respectability, and of the triumphs and disasters along the way.” 214pp, with colour and black and white photographs.

Price – $18.00 (ZAR-140.00)

Terugblik van ‘n ‘Brugbower’

Signed by the author.

The ‘Prep’ Story

The story of St Andrew’s Preparatory School, Grahamstown, 1885-1970. 162pp with line drawings, plates and an appendix listing staff, and scholarship winners.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-300.00)

The 24th Regiment at Isandhlwana, The Zulu War 1879

The African World Annual 1919 – 1920

314pp. News, advertising and business reports from the time. Some insect damage to edges of back pages.

Price – $70 (ZAR-650)

The Anglo-Boer War Philatelic Society – The Anglo-Boer War 1899 – 1902

2 Volumes, Philately of the Boer and British Prisoner of War Camps. Part A is the Prisoner of War Camps in South Africa and the Burgher Camps, and part B is the Prisoner of War Camps Overseas. No publication date, roneo copy.

Price – $70 (ZAR-750)

The Annals of the Cape Stage

Text spotless; Binding slightly loose. Spine and part of front and back boards water stained.

The Antiquities of London

With 55 plates

With 55 plates

The Antiquities of York City and the Civil Government Thereof

The Antiquities of York City and the Civil Government Thereof

The Antiquities of York City and the Civil Government Thereof


The Archaeological Sites of Greefswald – Stratigraphy and chronology of the sites and a history of investigations.

Mapungubwe (the hill, its southern slopes, and the nearby K2 site) and Great Zimbabwe are the two greatest African Iron Age complexes south of the equator. When it was first seen by European eyes, it had lain deserted for some seven centuries. Its discovery and the finding of gold on the summit of the hill read like something from a Rider Haggard novel, but unlocking its secrets has proven difficult. The first excavations under the aegis of the University of Pretoria in 1933 and 1934 seemed to reveal a ‘Bantu culture’ made, inexplicably, by a non-Negroid people. A second programme of excavations (1935-1940) not only failed to resolve this enigma, but, if anything, created even greater confusion.(See previous lot for these publications). The reasons were misguided excavation and poor recording, carried out in an age when there was no theoretical framework within which to work. By the late 1960’s things had changed to such an extent that Mapungubwe stood as an embarrassment in South African archaeology. In 1968 Professor Eloff, on behalf of the University of Pretoria, initiated a third programme of investigations, with the bulk of the fieldwork in the capable hands of Professor Meyer: the results of that cooperation are presented in this volume. The volume is not the last word on Mapungubwe, but an exciting and eminently commendable introduction to a new age of discovery there; a sound foundation for all future work at the site.

Condition: Very Good. Light wear to the laminated wraps.

Price – $40.00 (ZAR-450.00)

The Art of Africa

A look at the various art forms practiced by the Bantu people, from rock painting to other crafts.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-250.00)