(Africa) Prima Ostro Tavola

An extremely rare 1st edition woodblock print of Ramusio’s map of Africa. The blocks used to print this map were destroyed by a fire in Thomeso Gianti’s print shop in 1557. Very few examples of this print are in existence and the later examples are all copperplate editions – the first engraved in 1565. This copy has text on the verso unlike the later editions.The information conveyed on this map is based on knowledge obtained from two Arab geographers (Edrisi. Born in Ceuta in 1099 and Leo Africanus, c.1494 – c.1554.) Considered to be superior to all previous maps of Africa, with the most up to date geographical information applied by Gastaldi “cosmographer to the Venitian Republic, then a world power of commerce and trade.” The main subject of this map and its two companion maps to the east, “Secondo Tavola” and the “terse Tavola” is the Spice Route. They should be viewed in conjunction with Ramusio’s text on the spice trade in his “Delle Navigationi et Viaggi”. The unusual placing of the southern hemisphere in the “superior position.” Condition is good. A half cm closed tear outside of the margin.

Price – $1950.00 (ZAR-28000.00)

A New and Accurate Map of Nubia & Abissinia, together with all the Kingdoms Tributary Thereto, and bordering upon them. Laid down from the latest and best Authorities.

Bowen’s map of East Africa with parts of Egypt and Arabia. From ‘A Complete System of Geography’. Decorated with a compass rose and title cartouche with African landscape.

Price – $250.00 (ZAR-2400.00)

A new and correct Map of the Coast of Africa from Cape Blanco Lat. 20°, 40′. N. to the Coast of Angola, Lat. 11° . S. With Explanatory Notes of all the Forts and Settlements belonging to the several European Powers.

An important and very interesting 1755 map of western Africa by the English publisher M. Postlethwayte. This map covers the west coast of Africa from Cape Blanco and the Senegal River southwards past Sierra Leone, the Grain Coast, the Ivory Coast, the Gold Coast, the Waydah, Benin, Calabar, the Seven Hill, and Majumba, to Angola. An inset in the upper right quadrant details the Gold Coast. Sailing ships can be seen plying the coast and arrows identify the seasonal trade winds. An elaborate explanation fills the lower left quadrants, with fortifications and settlements along the coast numerically referenced.

Price – $520.00 (ZAR-5200.00)

Aardrijkundig handboek van Zuid Afrika

The cover is damaged on the spine and chipped and torn on the edges. spine has been repaired with tape. With an attached folding map of South Africa drawn up by Henry Hall, which is torn on one section.Browning throughout. 166pp

Price – $75.00 (ZAR-750.00)

Africa Nova Descripto

One of the most decorative and popular of all the early maps of Africa. This map is decorated with ships and sea monsters, flying fish, compass rose and elephants etc. The Nile is shown according to Ptolemy and its source in Lake Zanzibar and Zaflan. No names are shown at the Cape except costal ones and as they are engraved inwards it gives an appearance of fullness to the map and at the same time leaves the colours sharp and clear.
Latin text to the verso. Condition is good, cockling to the paper with a centre fold. Wide margin with wear to the top edge. Paper is lightly browned with some oxidation to the contemporary hand colouring. Printed 1630-1640.

Price – $1950.00 (ZAR-24000.00)

Africa Tertia Pars Terrae

A good example of Heinrich Buntings space map of Africa from his ‘Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae’ (Travel book through Holy Scripture). A woodcut – it is interesting to note the different type of lettering used here indicates the use of inset type. A merman floats on the undulating waves, emphasising the fine work of the wood engraver. German gothic text to the verso. Published c. 1597 (second state). Condition is good, with a centre fold and some creasing to the right side. There are three place names in contemporary faded brown ink inscribed to the northern part of the continent. This map is unframed.

Price – $1100.00 (ZAR-15000.00)

Cape to Cairo Corrected Air Route Maps

Two of a set of four folding, linen backed maps in pictorial covers – indicating the route, aerodrome to aerodrome from Germiston to Cairo. Section 1 and 4 only. Germiston – Ndola and Kartoum – Cairo. The closed size of each map is 34 x 21cm and the unfolded length of each is 240 x 61cm. The scale is 1:1,000,000. The maps show air routes, aerodromes, landing grounds, prohibited areas, air corridors, overhead high tension cables and magnetic course. Condition: Good. 3cm tear to the seam of one map with a small area of crumpling to the surface. Some of the folds and corners of the maps show slight creases. Pictorial boards show wear, chipping and some browning.

Price – $220.00 (ZAR-2500.00)

Carte d’Afrique Dressee pour l’usage du Roy…

This map is one of the series of revised maps that L’Isle first issued in 1722. In this redrawn version, L’Isle makes further improvements. He separates the Senegal and Niger rivers, making the latter rise in the Kingdom of Tombut and flow eastwards to Lake Bournou. Inland from Zanzibar he inserts a large lake, Moravi (Nyasa), with the mountains of Lapata—the spine of the world. A typical L’Isle cartouche is drawn at the top right corner. (source Norwich, map#78)

Price – $580.00 (ZAR-5800.00)

Collector’s Guide to the Maps of the African Continent and Southern Africa

Reference work, illustrated.

Price – $65.00 (ZAR-680.00)

Collectors’ Guide to Maps of Africa

An account of over a hundred mapmakers, with descriptions and lists. Maps excluded would be the very rare or common maps of the 19th century. Illustrated with colour and black and white plates.

Price – $62 (ZAR-700)

Contour-Coloured World Map series : Central & East Africa

With Boundaries, Roads and Railways. Scale : 1 : 4 000 000.

Price – $35.00 (ZAR-350.00)

Decorative Printed Maps of the 15th to 18th Centuries

Reference work. With text and full page illustrations of the maps discussed reproduced in both b/w and colour. Bound in red cloth covered boards with gilt lettering to spine and gilt device to front board. Foxing to the rear endpapers, otherwise a very good copy.

Price – $22.00 (ZAR-240.00)

Geological Survey of Natal and Zululand

A set of the three reports compiled after the geological survey of Natal and Zululand in 1901. Includes black and white plates and fold-out maps.

Price – $80.00 (ZAR-700.00)

Graeciae Antiquae Tabula Nova

An attractive map of southern Greece includes a bit of Turkey and the island of Crete. The map notes ancient roads and is filled with place names and cities. The classical-themed cartouche is surrounded with philosophers, the Colossus of Rhodes, wrestling and other symbols of ancient Greece. Sold by John Senex on Fleet Street in London. “Graeciae pars Meridionalis” above map.

Price – $380.00 (ZAR-3800.00)

Hydrophylacium Africae precipuum, in Montibus Lunae Situm Lacus et Flumina praecipua fundens ubi et nova inventio Originis Nili describitur.

Kircher was a Jesuit priest and polymath whose theories included the notion that the world’s oceans were interconnected by a vast underground network. He believed great lakes lay below mountain ranges and one lake is apparent here as the centrepiece of the map. This, influenced by the reports of an imaginative exploring traveller Paez lead Kircher to summit that the lake was the source of the Blue Nile. This is a fine example of a map by “the last true Renaissance man.” Condition is very good. Conservator’s japanese tissue backing.

Price – $540.00 (ZAR-7000.00)

L’Afrique dressee sur les relations les plus recentes et assujettie aux observations astronomiques…

This map draws on the cartography of an earlier map of 1749, by De Vaugondy, Gilles and Didier, with new information to present a detailed view of the continent with a great many tribal names. The source of the Nile is located in Lake Dambea. The title is enclosed in a fine cartouche engraved by Gobin that shows a queen reclining against an elephant with a lion curled at her feet.

Price – $650.00 (ZAR-6500.00)

Maps and Map-Makers

An historical account of the progression of various techniques in map-making, through the various cartographers and map makers. Bound in brown cloth covered boards. Small bookseller’s label to corner of front paste down. Light foxing to latter pages, some spotting to edges and faded dyed top edge, else VG. Dust jacket poor with front flap detached, most of spine missing and various other chips, also significantly foxed.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-350.00)

Maps of Africa : An Illustrated and Annotated Carto-bibliography.

Maps individually illustrated each with its own accompanying carto-bibliography.

Price – $120.00 (ZAR-1200.00)

Mossel Baay

See Algoa Bay KM1011 (more…)

Niger Coast (Map)

Large map of the Niger coast. Bound in red cloth covered boards. Boards and spine show damp stains and scuffing. These is some evidence of damp to the verso, but the condition of the map itself is very good overall. Binding is sound.

Price – $370.00 (ZAR-3800.00)

RAC physical map of South Africa 1936

Folded coloured map on canvas backing.

Price – $27.00 (ZAR-250.00)

Reader’s Digest Atlas of Southern Africa

Comprehensive for its time, this atlast boasts nearly 400 maps, facts, figures, illustrations, graphs, photographs and an extensive index and gazetteer withover 30 000 individual entries. Bound in navy blue faux-leather with silver titles and devices to spine and front board. Very light soiling to the leaf edges but overall scarcely any signs of use; book and dust jacket very good+.

Price – $40.00 (ZAR-480.00)

Report of a Magnetic Survey of South Africa

With multiple maps, tables and diagrams, some fold out to rear. Bound in quarter cloth with gilt titles to spine. Spine is sunned. Leaves age toned and browned but VG overall.

Price – $35.00 (ZAR-380.00)

Rhodesia: Its Natural Resources and Economic Development

Large folio sized publication with various colour maps, and diagrams.

Price – $25.00 (ZAR-300.00)

Ruwenzori & Imatongs

Being compiled of numerous journal articles from Uganda Journal (September 1955), The Geographical Journal (December 1933) and others unidentified. Contains numerous illustrations and 4 large fold out maps.

Price – $28 (ZAR-300)

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