Sketch Map of Swaziland. Mineral & Metal Concessions.

Folding linen backed map showing the concessions. Including a table showing the present holder of the grant and to whom the land has now been granted. Published c. 1890. One small burn hole.

Price – $750.00 (ZAR-7500.00)

Tabula hanc Aegypti…

Filippo Pigafetta, an Italian historian and traveler first published this 2 sheet map in his Relatione del reame di Congo in 1598. Pigafetta drew on the work of Duarte Lopes, a Portuguese explorer and introduced considerable new detail. This is one of the few early maps to make meaningful alterations to the geography of Africa. It changes the Ptolemaic conception of the sources of the Nile and indicates the location of lakes Victoria and Tanganyika in this respect.
Condition: good, still in original 2 margin leaves. Margins vary from 14mm to first outside neat line. Laid down on Japanese paper backing.

Price – $2700.00 (ZAR-28000.00)

Taunt’s Map of The River Thames, from Lechlade to London

“The maps reduced from the large illustrated edition, and combined with a guide, giving every information required by the tourist, the oarsman, and the angler.” Bound in green cloth covered boards with gilt titles to front board. Cloth is scuffed and loosening from boards. Some leaves loosed from binding, binding shaken. Fair overall.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-350.00)

The Story of Maps.

A celebration of cartography from Strabo to World War II. Includes 85 illustrations of early maps, prints and portraits. This Dover edition is an unabridged and unaltered re-publication of the work originally published in 1949.

Price – $12.00 (ZAR-140.00)

Vera et Genvina Fontivm Nili Topographia facta a P. Petro Pais: Societ iesu Anno 1618: die 21. Aprilis in praesentia Imperatoris uid Fol 56.

A three-map sheet. The map at the top left represents the origins of the Nile as explored by Duarte Lopez. The top right map represents the Montes Lunae as the origin of the Nile from Arab sources. The third map shows the Montes Lunae and the river valley in detail as recorded by the Jesuit traveller Paez. Athanasius Kircher, a celebrated Jesuit scholar and polymath travelled extensively and amongst his many interests was translating Coptic and hieroglyphic scripts. He published 40 major works most notably in the fields of comparative religion, geology and medicine. Condition is good. A good crisp impression. Minor marginal repairs including a short tear to the top left margin. Laid on acid free conservation paper.

Price – $900.00 (ZAR-12000.00)

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