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Renosterveld – a wilderness exposed

A story of the renosterveld and its diverse botanical significance. Richly illustrated with photographs.

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Bushman Soldiers – Their Alpha and Omega

The Bushman soldiers were the most outstanding all-round fighters of the Border War. As the first of the indigenous population to take up arms on South Africa’s behalf, they were among the last to lay them down. The border’s oldest and most bush-wise people, they became feared as relentless trackers and dedicated soldiers. Their loyalty and bravery was recognised in the award of Honoris Crux decorations to members and former members of this elite corps. Controversy followed the battalion to South Africa after the war. Persecuted for centuries, the Bushmen have displayed an uncanny ability to survive and have adapted remarkably well to the modern world. This is an exceptional record of 31 and 201 Battalions and their remarkable personnel and includes many photographs.

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Worthwhile Journey. The Autobiography of Tromp van Diggelen.

The autobiography of South Africa’s version of Charles Atlas.

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The Grand Old Days of the Diamond Fields.

Memories of Past Times with the Diggers of Diamondia. An excellent copy. No publication date but circa 1930.

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Die Transvaal’sche oder Sud-Afrikanische Republik

A history of the Sud – Afrikanische Republik (Transvaal), lasting from its birth in 1857 to 1902. In 1868 Jeppe with the help of Alexander A.B. Merensky, compiled an Original map of the Transvaal or South African Republic on a scale of 1:1 850 000. It was the first topographical map of the territory compiled locally from farm diagrams and other information, including a compilation started in 1866 by Carl Mauch. There was as yet no transangulation on which it could be based, and it contained no contours or spot heights. None the less it was surprisingly accurate and by far the best map of the territory up to that time. It was published here as an annexure to this, Jeppe’s first article in Petermann’s Geographische Mitteilungen (1868, vol.24). Petermann added some information to the map that was not locally available. In the article Jeppe became probably the first person to ascribe a volcanic origin to the Pretoria Salt Pan (now regarded as an impact crater). His work led to his election as a fellow of the Geographical Society of London in 1874. Some tide marks and a minor repair to the map.

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History of the War in South Africa 1899 – 1902 Vol 1-4

An extremely thorough and comprehensive look at the three year war between the British and the Boers in South Africa. Includes four volumes of maps. There are 4 text volumes and 4 accompanying slipcases with folding maps. The set lacks 2 maps. Volume II lack map 58 and volume IV lacks map 20E.

Condition: Good, wear to head and foot of spines, foxing to prelims. The slipcases of the map volumes are quite battered and there are library markings to two of them.

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Map of the Transvaal or S.A. Republic and Surrounding Territories.

A large coloured, linen backed folding map by Frederick Jeppe. With inserts of the Cape goldfields, Witwatersrand goldfields, a plan of Pretoria and a portion of the Zoutpansberg goldfields. The map is on 24 panels 20.5 x 33cm each. Unfolded the map measures 124 x 130.5cm and is at a scale of 1: 1 000 000 or 15.78 miles to the inch. It folds into dark blue cloth boards.

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The Robins Series. 7 volumes in 8.

Vol.1: Zambezia and Matabeleland in the Seventies (The Narrative of Frederick Hugh Barber and The Journal of Richard Frewen); Vol.2: Trade and Travel in Early Barotseland (The Diaries of George Westbeech and Captain Norman MacLeod); Vol. 3: Magic, Divination and Witchcraft among the Barotse of Northern Rhodesia (by Barrie Reynolds); Vol 4: The Zambezi Papers of Richard Thornton (2 vols); Vol.5: Iron Age Cultures in Zambia (2 vos: Kalomo and Kangila, and Dambwa, Ingombe Ilede and the Tonga), Vol.7: Your Friend, Lewanika (Litunga of Barotseland 1842-1916).
Published between 1960 and 1968.

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William Kentridge Prints

From the inside cover – “William Kentridge is well known for his films, drawings, and theatre productions, but he began his artistic career learning etching at the Johannesburg Art Foundation under Bill Ainslie. He spent two years teaching printmaking at the foundation and his earliest exhibitions featured his monotypes and etchings such as the Domestic Scenes series.

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Die deutschen Diamanten und ihre Gewinnung.Eine erinnerungsschrift zur landesausstellung Windhuk 1914 herausgegeben von den Förderern.

Numerous black & white illustrations, a map and statistics relating to the diamond industry in South West Africa. Stamp and inscription to the half title page. German text in the gothic script.

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Difficult Labour. A Guide to its Management for Students and Practitioners

A well illustrated guide to issues relating to child birth.

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Souvenir of Scotland. Its Cities, Lakes and Mountains. One Hundred and Twenty Chromo Views

One hundred and twenty bright chromolithographic views printed two per page. Bound in mauchline wear boards. Gilt edges all round.

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Souvenir of Scotland. Its Cities, Lakes and Mountains. One Hundred and Twenty Chromo Views

One hundred and twenty bright chromolithographic views printed two per page. Bound in mauchline wear boards. Gilt edges all round.

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The famous novel, set in 1575 centering on the secret marriage of Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester, and Amy Robsart, daughter of Sir Hugh Robsart. A series of tragic events unfold…

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Portugeuse East Africa – The History, Scenery & Great Game of Manica & Sofala

Reginald Charles Fulke held several administrative posts from 1896 – 1928 and used his extensive knowledge and experience of the land to write this work on Manica and Sofala, provinces of Mozambique. This is the first of six books written during his life.

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Pre-Raphaelite Photography

Assembled photographs from the period 1850-1879 resembling in style, mood and content Pre-Raphaelite art with an introduction by the author.

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The Aloes of South Africa

The author has made a vital contribution to the preservation of one of South Africa’s most well known flora species, the Aloe. Scientifically accurate, with many photos and colour plates. This book is of immense practical use to both the amateur as well as the professional.

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Game Viewing Camps of the Eastern Province of Northern Rhodesia

Giving information on the safari camps at the time, such as distances from major towns, costs and animals that could be viewed at the time.

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The South Africa Fruit Exporters Directory & Guide 1939-1940

A volume detailing the fruit exporters of the time period, includes descriptions of the major fruit producing areas such as Franschoek as well as full colour adverts.

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A World With A View – An Inquiry into the Nature of Scenic Values

“In articulating his own understanding of what our future course must be if we are to create and maintain an aesthetically satisfying environment, Tunnard surveys a range of subjects from the early application of the scientific method in the study of natural history to specific American, European and Asian renewal projects.”

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Genera Palmarum – A Classification of Palms Based on the Work of Harold E. Moore, Jr.

A thorough work on the Palm tree genus, The morphology, anatomy, ecology and evolution of the palm trees are discussed in great detail. The book includes several black and white and colour photographs.

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The Living Shores of Southern Africa

“The Southern African coastline has excited marine biologists and oceanographers for generations. A great deal of research has been undertaken, winning international acclaim, but it has remained locked away in scientific journals, largely inaccessible to the layman. In the Living Shores of Southern Africa, Professor George Branch writes with a vitality born of his great enthusiasm for the sea, and in doing so shares with the widest audience the excitement of marine biology and the adventure of recent discoveries.

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Birds & Beasts In Africa

Written during his time as Chief Scout while staying at the Outspan, Nyeri, these musings on nature was written for the enjyoment of younger readers.

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Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches

The definitive guide to Embroidery stitching, organised in alphabetical order, with illustrations and step by step explanations. This book would make a wonderful addition to the library of experts and novices alike.

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Just Nuisance AB – His Full Story

Arguably one of the most famous dogs in history, this book sets out the highly interesting tale about his life and career in the Navy.

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