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Field Guide to the Eastern & Southern Cape Coasts

Hundreds of line drawings spread over 560 pages. Also 50 colour plates and numerous b&w photos. An invaluable reference for anyone interested in this coastal region.

Price – $16.00 (ZAR-220.00)

Explorers’ Maps

An historical look at maps and charts from the medieval travellers to the more accurate and sophisticated maps of the 19th century. Numerous b&w illustrations.

Price – $18.00 (ZAR-230.00)

The Tokens of Natal. Part 1 Durban Tokens

Limited to 500 copies, this is an historical look at the use of coin tokens in the city of Durban. Numerous b&w photos.

Price – $25.00 (ZAR-300.00)

Nature Illustrated. Flowers, Plants and Trees. 1550-1900.

From the collections of The New York Public Library.

Price – $18.00 (ZAR-220.00)

South African Bird Names Explained.

Unlocking a wealth of fascinating information about our remarkable and diverse southern African bird life.
Illustrations by Duncan Butchart. Published to mark the 60th anniversary of the S.A. Ornithological Society.

Price – $15.00 (ZAR-180.00)

Observatory. A Town in the Suburbs

A history of Observatory 1881-1913. Number 005 of 500 copies printed. Numerous b&w illustrations.

Price – $45.00 (ZAR-480.00)

Cape Town in the Twentieth Century

This volume begins where its companion volume, “Cape Town: The Making of a City” left off, with Capetonians on the eve of the South African War as well as a new century.

Price – $25.00 (ZAR-300)

25 Legal Luminaries from “Vanity Fair”

25 full size, colour reproductions with descriptive text.

Price – $13.00 (ZAR-150.00)

Gladiolus. A Revision of the South African Species

Numerous full page colour illustrations. Mostly by G. J. Lewis. An authoritative work on the subject

Price – $39.00 (ZAR-450.00)

The Numismatic Legacy of the Jews. As Depicted by A Distinguished American Collection

Numerous full size b&w photos and descriptions.

Price – $40.00 (ZAR-500.00)

The Cricketers of Vanity Fair

Full colour, full size reproductions of these famous illustrations. With a 20 pg introduction by John Arlott

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-120.00)

A Vision of Eden. The Life and Work of Marianne North

A richly illustrated biography of this well renowned British botanical artist.

Price – $17.00 (ZAR-200.00)

Lady Herschel. Letters from the Cape 1834 – 1838

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-100.00)

Biblical Numerology

A basic study of the use of numbers in the bible.

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-100.00)

Black + White. Discourses of Resistance in South African Cartooning, 1985 – 1994

Submitted as part of the requirements for a Masters degree. Numerous b&w illustrations. The author only published about 20 copies of this work.

Price – $45.00 (ZAR-500.00)

The Defence of Duffer’s Drift

“The Western world’s most popular book in the training of military professionals”

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-100.00)

The House in Tyne Street. Childhood Memories of District Six

Inscribed by the author in the fep.

Price – $12.00 (ZAR-150.00)

Regency Cape Town

Numbered 1142 of a limited edition of 1500 copies signed by the author. Daily life in the early 1830s illustrated with the hitherto unpublished Johannesburg Album of sketches by Sir Charles D’Oyly, together with his other Cape Town drawings and those of Frederick Knyvett. Bookplate of previous owner on fep. Contents clean and tightly bound.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-350.00)

An Illustrated Social History of South Africa

From 1652 to 1910.With an emphasis on personal and domestic life in the developing and changing country. Numerous illustrations.

Price – $16.00 (ZAR-180.00)

the Fisherman’s Vade Mecum

A compendium of precepts, councel, knowledge and experience …..

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-100.00)

A Colossus of Roads

A look at the life and work of Thomas Bain. Builder of mountain passes.

Price – $35.00 (ZAR-400.00)

Standford Stories. Die Vertellinge oor Standford 1729-1995.

Text: Afrikaans.

Price – $28.00 (ZAR-220.00)

Love’s Bitter-Sweet: Translations from the Irish Poets of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Price – $200.00 (ZAR-1350.00)

When First We Practise or The Life of Jan Michiel Endres – Surgeon.

Price – $20.00 (ZAR-140.00)

Valley of the Simonsberg

De Luxe edition of 100 signed copies. This being No. 32.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-320.00)