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Zuid-Afrika’s Eerste Openbare Verzamling op het Gebied van Kunst en Etnologie 1764-1821

Text: Mainly Dutch with a summary in English. treatises by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and Literature. New Series: Part 75. No. 3. Donors: Von Dessin, James Cook and James King. 32 b/w photographs and illustrations.

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-120.00)

Photograph. “Bray’s Quarry – Sheba”.

Albumen print pasted on album card. Barberton, Eastern Transvaal c.1890. Miners at the famous Golden Quarry face, discovered by Edwin Bray, one morning in May 1885. This find, the Sheba Reef, as it was called, became the most famous gold mine in the world. “Not gold in rocks but rocks encased in gold”. It turned a gold frenzy into utter mania.

Price – $70.00 (ZAR-800.00)

Photograph. Early image of Pretoria by Barnett. c.1900

Albumen print pasted to Album card. Photographer’s name and title etched into plate.

Price – $32.00 (ZAR-400.00)

Photograph. A Party of the Warwickshire Regiment.

Blind stamp of photographer R Ellis embossed on right hand corner. Chips to three of the four corners. View showing soldiers of the Warwickshire Regiment waiting for the enemy at the Binjemma Line, Malta.

Price – $17.00 (ZAR-200.00)

Photograph: Albumen Print. The Union Company’s Battery. c.1900

Photograph pasted to album card. Lower left corner of card chipped not affecting photograph. Title written on card at the bottom. Light creasing with a nick above the word ‘Battery’.

Price – $13.00 (ZAR-150.00)

Photograph. British sentry on look-out at unidentified fort during the Anglo Boer War

Albumen print. Minimal loss to top left corner. Greater loss to bottom left corner.

Price – $17.00 (ZAR-200.00)

Photograph. Barberton. c1890

An early view of Barberton showing the market square and surrounds. Some light oxidation and fading to the image.

Price – $52.00 (ZAR-600.00)

War at Sea. South African Maritime Operations during World War II.

Much pencil and ink marginalia by the previous owner, George Coetzee, who served on board one of the ships.
His photograph is pasted down with cellotape on Pg159.

Price – $15.00 (ZAR-170.00)

Memorandum – A Story with Paintings.

“A gripping account by a lonely man who is diagnosed with cancer just before his retirement. The paintings reflect the alienating experience of hospitalisation.”

Price – $25.00 (ZAR-300.00)

The Living Shores of Southern Africa

Drawings by Margo Branch. Photography by Anthony Bannister.

Price – $38.00 (ZAR-450.00)

Gwelo Goodman. South African Artist.

Circa 1951. Heavy staining to plates “Venice” and “Christ Church” as well as pages 5, 6 fading into page 8. Small mark on title page with browning to feps.

Price – $34.00 (ZAR-340.00)

The Cape Sketchbooks of Sir Charles D’oyly 1832-1833

Introduction by A. Gordon Brown, followed by 119 reproductions in b/w depicting Cape Town, the countryside and neighbouring villages. Previous owner’s name on front paste-down. Contents clear and tightly bound.

Price – $70.00 (ZAR-750.00)

The Northern Rhodesia Journal. Vol III. No. 3.

Interesting articles eg. Early history of water transport in Bangweulu Swamps; Kazembe’s Charter; Attacks of wild animals on people; Lusaka Natural History Club and others.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-200.00)

Strat Caldecott 1886-1929

Generously illustrated with 60 b/w plates. 9 colour plates (full page), large folding colour plate of ‘NG Kerk agter bome, Wynberg”.

Price – $60.00 (ZAR-550.00)

Springbok and Springbok Shooting

An extract from Longmans Magazine of 1897 describing the ‘trekbokken’ or migration of springboks which roamed the Karoo plains.

Price – $14.00 (ZAR-140.00)

The House of Cherer.

Signed by the author with an inscription. “Tracing the activities of succeeding generations through the colourful, often tragic, events that make up the fabric of South African and Rhodesian history.”

Price – $22.00 (ZAR-130.00)

Into the Heart of Darkness. Confessions of Apartheid’s Assassins.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-350.00)

Islands in a Forgotten Sea.

Prize bookplate on front fep. Beautifully illustrated by A A Telford. Tropical islands, coral atolls, Madagascar with its savage tribes, lost monarchy and lurid pirate past. Illustrated map on red paste-downs. Large tear running over front panel and spine with a small area of loss to lower edge. Sunning to spine. Foxing with browning to top edge of flaps as well as folds. Foxing on verso.

Price – $30.00 (ZAR-350.00)

To the shores of Natal.

Inscription in pencil on half-title page. Illustrated by Barbara Tyrrell.

Price – $16.00 (ZAR-180.00)

Closer Union

Ex-library with the usual labels and stamps. A series of letters in the ‘Transvaal Leader’ where the author warns of the dangers of trying to unify the four South African colonies into a central state as well as pleading for a ‘closer union’ within the framework of a federal constitution. Circa 1960s.

Price – $12.00 (ZAR-150.00)


Inscribed by Baldinelli. Language Italian/English

Price – $38.00 (ZAR-380.00)

Lords of Stalplain. Biographical Miniatures of the British Governors of the Cape of Good Hope.

“Picturesque figures whom Downing Street sent to the Cape Colony from the end of the 18th Century until Union in 1910”. Sir Harry Smith, Lord Milner, Hely-Hutchinson, amongst others.

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-120.00)

John Blades Currey 1850 to 1900. Fifty Years in the Cape Colony.

Memoirs of John Currey. From the labours of soldiering, farming and copper mining to politics, eventually ending up as Steward of the Groote Schuur Estate in Cape Town.

Price – $80.00 (ZAR-600.00)

Myth and Magic. The Art of the Shona of Zimbabwe.

Illustrated with photographs. Interviews with sculptors and a history of the growth of Shona sculpture and its influences.

Price – $25.00 (ZAR-350)

A Geographical and Topographical Description of the Cape of Good Hope. Parts 1 & 2 of 3

Volumes 4 and 6 of the Van Riebeeck Society first series. Both volumes bear the signature of Saul Solomon to the paste downs. Perforation to the front board of part 1 and to the spine of part 2. Tape repair to 2 pages of part 1. Part 1 published in 1921 and part 2 in 1925.

Price – $100.00 (ZAR-1200.00)