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Biographical Memoir of John Montagu

With a sketch of the public affairs connected with the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, during his administration as colonial secretary from 1843 to 1853. Bookplate of R.F. Thorold to the paste down and another owner’s name to the fep.

Price – $23.00 (ZAR-250.00)


The hundredth and second catalogue issued by Streeter & Co. Ltd. Includes short descriptions of important gem stones. Wonderful coloured illustrations of ladies fancy watches, gem brooches, bracelets, scarf pins, muff chains, etc. and a section on heraldry. Each chapter is headed in gilt lettering.

Price – $180.00 (ZAR-1900.00)

De Kolonien en Staten van Zuid Afrika. Gids voor hen, de zicht naar die streken wenschen te begeven.

Met een uitvoerig Geographisch Register. Bound in a blue leather binding preserving the original paper wraps. Professional repairs to the front wrap and first few pages.

Price – $75.00 (ZAR-800.00)

Zwart en Wit. een verhaal uit de Vrijstaatse Basuto-Oorlog

From the “Zuid-Afrikaanse Historie Biblioteek”

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-120.00)

Onder de Vierkleur. Een verhaal uit de tijd van de Jameson-Ival

From the “Zuid-Afrikaanse Historie Biblioteek”

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-120.00)

Aan Tafelbaai’s Strand of Twintig Jaren Uit Het Leven van Een Kapenaar (1791-1811)

From the “Zuid-Afrikaanse Historie Biblioteek”.

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-120.00)

David Malan. Een verhaal uit de Grote Trek

From the “Zuid-Afrikaanse Historie Biblioteek”

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-120.00)

De Strijd om Recht. Een verhaal uit de dagen van Goeverneur Willem van der Stel

From the “Zuid-Afrikaanse Historie Biblioteek”

Price – $12.00 (ZAR-140.00)

Die Grobler Moord

Historiese rekonstruksie van die opkoms en ondergang en die Matabele – dinastie, Boere-Engelse-kontak met die Matabele en die verowering van Matabeleland, met sy gevolge. Two volumes in one. Signed by C.S. Grobler to both title pages.

Price – $22.00 (ZAR-250.00)

Adventures in Africana

Three lectures given by D.H. Varley.

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-120.00)

Waterberg. On the History of the Mission Station Otjozondjupa, the Kambazembi Tribe and Hereroland

15 black and white photographs and a map.

Price – $16.00 (ZAR-170.00)

Honey, Sik and Cider. A Life Portrait of Henry Barrington

Barrington was a lawyer, farmer and politician who resided in Knysna from 1838 until his death in 1882.

Price – $10.00 (ZAR-120.00)

Korte Geschiedenis van de Republieken in Zuid-Afrika met eene Inleiding Over de Geschiedenis der Kaapkolonie tot 1835

Back card wrap missing and front one loose along with the last signature.

Price – $12.00 (ZAR-140.00)

Vergadering van de Afrikaander Bond en Boeren Vereeniging. 9 vols. 1900 and 1904-1911.

Each volume bound in later blue leather boards, preserving the original wraps. Previous owner’s bookplate to each volume. Some professional repairs, mostly to the paper wraps.

Price – $300.00 (ZAR-3500.00)

The Gold Regions of South Eastern Africa

Re-cased in full blue leather. Photographic plate of “Native Kraal” at pg. 124 is missing. Folding map to the pocket at the rear in unusually good condition.

Price – $80.00 (ZAR-900.00)

Indian Hemp. A Social Menace.

Donald McI. Johnson, M.A., M.B. (1903-1978) was moved to write this little book due to what he saw as a complacent and ignorant medical profession in the face of a dangerous new drug. “It is the object of this book to remedy this situation…” It includes a brief history of Indian hemp, examines its prevalence in Great Britain and the United States and discusses the wider social implications of its use.

Price – $20.00 (ZAR-280.00)

The Fisherman’s Handbook. Trout, Salmon and Sea Trout with Notes on Coarse Fishing.

Reprint with corrections. An authoritative and comprehensive work. 85 drawings by Colin Gibson. 8 colour plates of various flies, 32 photographs and numerous diagrams.

Price – $28.00 (ZAR-300.00)

The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture.

A Cyclopedia of everything pertaining to the care of the honeybee; bees, hives, honey, implements, honey plants, etc. Facts gleaned from the experience of thousands of beekeepers and verified in the authors’ apiary.

Price – $40 (ZAR-450.00)

Seven Stories about Modern Art in Africa.

A key modern art exhibition in africa95 celebrating the arts of Africa organised by the Whitechapel Art Gallery. Previous owner’s name on front paste-down.

Price – $50.00 (ZAR-450.00)

The Wood Engravings of Robert Gibbings with some recollections by the artist.

Over 1000 engravings.

Price – $110.00 (ZAR-1500.00)

Bleak House

First edition in book form. The true first was published in 20 monthly parts. Both boards and spine off, with only the rear board present. Foxing throughout, particularly to the plates. Previous owner’s name to the fep. Lucy Rimington, of Broomhead Hall.

Price – $35.00 (ZAR-400.00)

John Clark’s Werk über die Schiffsmedizin “Observations on the Diseases in Long Voyages to Hot Countries and particularly on those which prevail in the East Indies”. 1773

Dissertation on obtaining the degree of Doctor of Medicine, The Medical Faculty of the University of Dusseldorf submitted by Fritz Zimmermann. Text: German with English.

Price – $28.00 (ZAR-220.00)

South African Reminiscences

A Series of Sketches of Prominent Public Events Which Have Occurred in South Africa Within the Memory of the Author During the Forty Years Since 1854, and of the Public Men, Official and Unofficial, Who Have Taken Part in Them.

Price – $100.00 (ZAR-1200.00)

The African Reserves of South Africa.

Includes 2 fold-out maps.

Price – $32.00 (ZAR-250.00)

Mixed Humanity. A Story of Camp Life in South Africa.

Circa 1892. “A remarkable book dealing with the rough and tumble intrigue on the diamond mines and early boxing prizefights. Although ostensibly a work of fiction, there are no less than nine personages based on real people. The reader is transported to the bar-rooms and into the midst of the disreputable company which frequent them, around the diamond mines of South Africa.” Plate illustrations by Irving Montagu. Previous owner’s name on verso of frontispiece

Price – $60.00 (ZAR-750.00)